Instalazioen kudeaketa EXPO Saudi 2024

Instalazioen kudeaketa EXPO Saudi
From March 03, 2024 until March 06, 2024 - (Check Flight)
Riad - Riyadh front expo, Riad probintzia, Saudi Arabia
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FM EXPO Saudi | Big 5 Construct Saudi

What would you like to do? What would you do? CONNECTING SAUDI ARABIA'S FM INDUSTRY. FM Expo Saudi is the place to unlock the potential of Saudi Arabia’s facility management industry. Display the latest products and service your customers demand. FM Product Categories. Commercial Cleaning & Hygiene Product Categories.


Visitors showed interest in facility Management Products and Services in 2023.

FM Expo Saudi has been a success according to visitors
The event is important to them
Businesspeople can also benefit from this.

FM ExpoSaudi is expected to attract a large number of visitors in 2024.

Over the last few years, we've brought together technology, experts, and products to exchange ideas and innovations.
That have driven the industry ahead. The co-located show is a melting pan of the most exciting innovations in the world
Facilities Management and Cleaning, which welcomes a line-up international of top-tier distributors and manufacturers.

The previous edition, which was held alongside Big 5 Construct Saudi had more than 44,560 construction experts and 820 exhibitor featuring.
The latest technologies and innovations in dedicated sectors. The facility management market is expected to grow in Saudi Arabia
This event offers businesses a unique opportunity to tap into a market that is expected to grow to $87.2 million* in 2030.

Join us for a showcase of your products, technologies and expertise. Do not miss this opportunity to meet key decision makers
Be a part of the exciting changes in the industry.

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Riad - Riyadh front expo, Riad probintzia, Saudi Arabia Riad - Riyadh front expo, Riad probintzia, Saudi Arabia


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