Donnie Smith Bike & Car Show 2024

Donnie Smith Bike & Car Show
From March 23, 2024 until March 24, 2024
Saint Paul - Saint Paul RiverCentre, Minnesota, AEB
(Mesedez, egiaztatu beheko gune ofizialean datak eta kokalekuak joan aurretik.)

TELL YOUR FRIENDS AROUND THE SHOW!!! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! Check out the show! Jack Knife & the Sharps. V-TWIN VIZIONARY PERFORMANCE CATEGORY. In 2023, the Sturgis Buffalo Chip will return as a sponsor for the Donnie Smith Show. "WHERE BACK", DONNIE-SMITH-BIKE-SHOW". The Donnie Smith Show will have a lot of interesting people.


Donnie Smith Bike show-ek ongietorria eman nahi dio gure babesle berriena Law Tigers. Gure tokiko moto istripuen abokatuek* zu bezalako zauritutako gidarien alde borrokatzen dute, zuk eta zure familiak merezi duzun kalte-ordaina lortzeko. 25ko martxoaren 26etik 2023ra, larunbata 9:7etatik 00:XNUMXetara.


Jack Knife & The Sharps is a rockabilly band from Minnesota that's led by Rick Hollister. Hollister has been playing vintage guitar for over 40 years. Hollister, a long-time producer, engineer and drummer, is joined by Scott Christianson, an upright bassist, and Jeff Bjork, a long-time producer, and engineer.


This is going to differ from the format that you are used to. The Donnie Smith Show is known for their traditional bike show with over 35 classes. This year, the v-twin Visionary Show will be featured.


Sturgis Buffalo Chip will return as the sponsor of Donnie Smith Show 2023, with exciting additions to its exhibitor space. The Sturgis Buffalo Chip will continue to offer attendees the chance to learn more about this legendary motorcycle and music festival and win prizes.


Donnie Smith Bike show would like to welcome our new sponsor, Indian Motorcycle St. Paul! March 25-26 2023 Saturday 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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Saint Paul - Saint Paul RiverCentre, Minnesota, AEB Saint Paul - Saint Paul RiverCentre, Minnesota, AEB


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